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Finding Your Star in the Darkness

It is Epiphany, the time we celebrate the kings, the star and the journey. But first we can ask, as we prepare ourselves for finding our star, how did the kings prepare themselves? What did they have to do first to become aware of their star of destiny? They had to look into the night – into the […]


Advent and Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest leaders of our time, the late Nelson Mandela once said… “As I walked out the prison door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” Thus spoke the lion of Africa, who for 27 […]

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Words for the Newtown Tragedy

For so long humanity has used the sun to guide its way on long journeys. And as striving Christians we too are on a long journey. And on this journey, we are called to put our faith in the sun of what is truly human, to guide our way. But as everyone knows, the sun […]

The Rituals of Prayer and Meditation – Building Bridges to the Spiritual World

More and more, human beings today are asking themselves, “How can I overcome the anxiety, loneliness, and sense of meaninglessness in my life?” We find signs of this searching everywhere: in the dramatic increase of anxiety medication, in the overflow of self-help books, and in the spiritual materialism of the quick-fix “you-can-have-it-all” mentality of some […]