“He is not here.” Where is He?

“The grave is empty. He is risen and is not here.” Mark 16:6.  This is the message of the young man dressed in white. But where is He?

He is not in the physical, material world, because He walks through closed doors. He is not in a purely spiritual world, because He can eat and can be touched. He is not in an interior soul world, for many can perceive Him at the same time. He is not here or there in space and time. But He appears in the here and now, and disappears again.

He appears as a gardener, between the grave and the garden; as someone walking with them (and us) along the way; as someone breaking bread in company; as teacher in the upper room among the disciples. He appears and is present in transformed, broken bread and in “broken” wine, thinned by half with water.

He is in-between.

He is in between death and life; in-between and among human beings; in-between the physical-material world and the weaving world of life; in-between life and the inner world of the soul; in-between the soul and the objective world of the spirit; in-between God and humanity. He can be present in a pause, and in every moment of stillness; in-between thinking and feeling; in-between will impetus and activity; between, among two or three.

He can reveal himself in every one of the levels because:

  • He appears in the physical, palpable and eating, and he disappears again;
  • He appears in the grieving soul, in the realm of life in the garden, and disappears;
  • He appears in the soul of Paul at Damascus, as an overpowering spirit, and disappears.

Which soul power can approach this in-between realm?

A soul force that is itself at home in the in-between; a soul force in-between perception and thinking; in-between feeling and will; in-between the physical and the realm of life; in-between flowing life and the soul; in-between the inner space of the soul and the objective spirit.

The soul force that is at home in the in-between is the power of trusting faith. Faith conveys the perception of the super-sensible; trusting faith conveys healing; faith is the bridge between the earthly world and the divine, spiritual one. It is faith alone that can detect, grasp, understand this Being who is in-between.

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