Creating Harmonious Community Life

The Christian Community has been hosting Children’s Camps in North America for over 50 years. There are and have been camps in Ontario, Canada, on the East Coast, Midwest and in Colorado and California. Each camp has its own character connected with its setting, staff and duration of the camp.
CCNA Camps
The intention is to bring children out of an urban environment into nature to experience the world in new and healthy ways. The strong daily and weekly rhythms, the caring interest of counselors, the singing, the stories, the crafts, the wide-ranging activities carry the children through the two-three weeks of camp. Children are divided according to age and gender and will spend the whole camp together with their group. Each group has a counselor (or two) who will be with their group continuously, eating, sleeping and doing activities.

East Coast Children’s Camp

August 3 – 19, 2017

Camp Director:  Rev. Carol Kelly,

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Christian Community East Coast Children’s Camp

“What IS it?” the parents and friends ask, that makes this camp so special? What is it that goes so deep into the children’s hearts? The most concise and truthful answer is this: it is the Creation of Harmonious Community Life, in living action. We can dream all we like about a new and better world, but camp creates it, in a small but impressive way. The days have a rhythm, which  compliment and harmonize the human being. They include  nutritious, delicious food, chores, stories, artistic work, singing, nature, wild games, sports, laughter, reverence and gratitude. There are the usual frustrations of living with other people, but we strive to be an example of working through difficulties through conversation and patience.

CCNA Camp CounselorThere is no one thing, no element that can be singled out as the most important, except this: behind everything we do, there lives and weaves a consciousness of Christ as the Sun Spirit. This is no exclusive religion, but it is acknowledged that He belongs to the whole earth and can enter all human souls, regardless of nation or religion. It is this understanding that can bring about world peace. Our counselors often exclaim, “Why can’t life be like camp?” Why indeed? We have to begin somewhere with models that work!


Camp Greenwood Lake – Midwest Children’s Camp

August 7 – 21, 2017

Camp Director: Rev. Ann Burfeind,

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Midwest Camp viewThe Midwest Camp is celebrating its 20th anniversary! It is run by volunteers, including trained professionals, young people and parents, who are giving their time and commitment in order to provide a special summer experience for children. Each day opens and closes with the whole camp gathering together for story telling and singing. This is also a time to look forward to the events of the coming day and then look back as the day closes. Throughout the day, children are in groups of 5-10 with their counselor and an assistant. This small group becomes a home unit with its own name and campsite. Together this group undertakes a diverse range of activities appropriate for that age such as projects (making bows and arrows, carving soap stone, pressing flowers, constructing a bell -tower, etc.), skits, plays, swimming, hiking, boating and archery to name a few. A balance of boisterous play and time for imagination and focus give a healthy daily rhythm. This is supported by our emphasis on high-quality nutritious meals.

MidwestCamp paintingThe Midwest Camp is in a new location this year at Camp Nawakwa in Cornell, Wisconsin. The grounds are rustic, beautiful and removed from the noises of modern life. The camp is a non-profit, and we are committed to keeping the fee at an absolute minimum.


Camp Tamarack – High Sierra Summer Camp – California

June 25 – July 9, 2017

Camp Director: Rev. Craig Wiggins,

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Camp Tamarack has been offering a quality wilderness experience for children 9-14 years old since 1971. Many of our participants come from the Waldorf community throughout the West. Camp Tamarack is surrounded by granite peaks and tall pine trees. Children experience the outdoors by swimming in nearby lakes and streams, and hiking to stunning sites while forming life-long friendships.

With a healthy rhythm of the day, we cultivate a wholesome and joyful community. Morning and evening gatherings greet and conclude each day with story and song. During the day, children are involved in group projects and activities under the guidance of their counselors. Activities include: arts and crafts, drama, horseback riding, archery, games, dancing, hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, overnight camp-outs and campfires.

The camp is sponsored by The Christian Community. On Sunday mornings we offer a non-denominational Sunday Service for children, and then join together in the afternoon for all-camp skits and games. Acceptance is the same for everyone without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, or handicap.

Camp Tamarack