Click here to download a list of suggested gospel readings through the year. The actual readings from the altar may vary from congregation to congregation.


The Gospel as a Living Revelation

The whole of the New Testament, especially the four gospels, is a powerful source of revelation and inspiration for life. However, modern minds are often unable to access this source of life. The gospels require of modern minds a different way of reading, listening and hearing.

Hearing the gospel readings in The Consecration of the Human Being—often in new, imaginative translations—sets in motion the change of consciousness that opens the mind to the inner world of the gospels. New ways of working with the gospels in study groups and courses build on this awakening and support it with growing understanding.

In the decades since the founding of The Christian Community, we have seen the growth of a rich treasure of literature on the gospels and religious life. These writings open a path to a deeper understanding of the true human being revealed in the gospels, and show how the gospels can be cultivated as instruments for personal growth and inner development.

Further Reading:

  • The New Testament, A Rendering by Jon Madsen, Floris Books
  • Caesars and Apostles, Emil Bock, Floris Books
  • The Childhood of Jesus, Emil Bock, Floris Books
  • The Three Years, Emil Bock, Floris Books
  • St. Paul, Emil Bock, Floris Books