Planned Giving Resources

For practical details, please see:
Information on the legal aspect of the Christian Community

$50 book + CD, $40 download software includes state-specific forms for a will, living trust, health care directive and other documents.

Quick & Legal Will Book
$17 book + CD – forms for basic will only  With this program, you answer a series of questions on a web form.

Ethical Will: To include a statement of values and principles to pass on to loved ones

Living Will/Medical Care and Treatment Issues: For information on issues relating to medical care and treatment, the process of dying, the care of one’s body after death, and funeral arrangement, you may contact :

The Threshold Group, Taconic-Berkshire Congregation, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY  12529

A $10 donation (check made out to The Christian Community – Taconic-Berkshire Congregation) is requested to further the work of the Threshold Group.

Financial Planning: International Association for Financial Planning

Society of Financial Service Professionals