Prayers for Strength

A Prayer for Strength The Soul’s longings are like seeds, Out of which deeds of will are growing And life’s fruits are ripening. I can feel my destiny and my destiny finds me. I can feel my star and my star finds me. I can feel my aims and my aims are finding me. The […]

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Coronation–Feb 2, 2020 –Rev. Gisela Wielki A corona is a circle of light around an object. The most magnificent corona in our universe is the corona around the sun. It is a fiery circular crown with occasional intense flare-ups. Its rays extend millions of miles into space. What a majestic body our sun is, the […]


Against Fear

May the events that seek me Come unto me; May I receive them With a quiet mind Through the Father’s ground of peace On which we walk.   May the people who seek me Come unto me; May I receive them With an understanding heart Through the Christ’s stream of love In which we live. […]

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Sharing Questions, Sharing Discoveries: ASK 2020, Atlanta

“I am learning to live close to the lives of my friends without ever seeing them. No miles of any measurement can separate your soul from mine.” ― John Muir   From time to time we may be confronted with questions such as: “What is your church like? Why do you attend? ” or “What is […]

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ASK 2020 – Looking Toward One another, in Community

Please Consider this summer’s ASK 2020 – a conference on our relationship with the living Christ in Atlanta! As many of us are spending time thinking about the coming of Easter, we may also be planning our gardens for spring planting, summer tending, and autumn harvest. I am contemplating our ASK 2020 conference in Atlanta, […]

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Gold that lasts the whole year through — children’s summer camp

Tell your friends… there are four summer camps in North America this year! Here is a video of Harmony Lake, the East Coast camp. (Click “Read more” from the home page). To learn about them all, visit: https://www.thechristiancommunity.org/children-youth/camps/


Light in Freedom

“Two lights brighten our world. One is provided by the Sun, but another answers to it–the light of the eye. Only through their entwining do we see; lacking either, we are blind. ”  ~ Zajonc, Catching the Light. —— Something more than physical sunlight streams down to Earth. In sunlight, the warm love of the […]