Providing for the Future of The Christian Community

Contact: Trish Mooney, Giving Coordinator at, 301-996-5656

A legacy gift recognizes that all we have enjoyed is a gift to us, and that we can, in turn, give into the future. While annual giving and capital campaigns challenge us to balance our personal financial security against other’s needs, legacy gifts are less emotionally encumbered. Legacy gifts are a material manifestation of your faith in the future of the organizations you hold dear. By choosing this path of stewardship to support of The Christian Community, you give a gift free of any personal gain, a ‘spiritual’ gift that will grow into the future.

The Basics of Legacy Giving
Some ways of making a Legacy Gift include:

  • Bequest/Will/Trust
    • a specific amount
    • a percentage of personal assets
    • a residual amount from personal assets that remains after providing for loved ones
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary
  • IRA/Retirement Fund Beneficiary
  • Property

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