Advent Story – Mary Learns of the Stones

The old teacher taught Mary of the stones. He said, “My child, be careful what you say and think and feel about God’s creation. Look again at the stone – you see it is hard and firm and strong, difficult to break. Is a stone ever tired? Is a stone ever weak? Do they complain as they hold us up wherever we place our feet, walking all over them? Do they get sick? Or angry? No, Mary – the stones are steadfast and strong. They hold us up on this earth, they are sturdy and patient and the very power of peace and quiet. Look around you. Look up at this great temple, this dwelling place of our God – is it not built of stones? No, child, do not speak an ill word of the stone – the stone is our teacher, who teaches us strength and patience and peace and the stone is our benefactor who gives himself selflessly so that we may walk, so that we may have shelter and so that we may have a temple to the Highest God. To the stones, Mary, we must bow.”