An Epiphany story


by Richard Lewis

Once upon a time there were three kings who possessed the star that had fallen out of Lucifer’s crown when the Archangel Michael had knocked it loose during a battle. This star they possessed in the form of a very precious stone down here on the earth. And this always reminded them that, although the star came from Lucifer, it was really a gift from the Archangel Michael; and they treasured it with special care, because they experienced it as the source of their special great wisdom. They felt of it as an eye, which, when they looked into it, enabled them to look into heaven and see the secrets of heavenly life that went on there.

It was through this star that they heard of the preparations that were being made to send Christ, the Spirit of the Golden Sun, down to the earth. They saw the great trouble that was taken to make sure that when Christ left, the Sun would be in condition and be ready to carry on the Sun’s work properly. They saw the great sorrow that was experienced by most of the beings on the Sun, because they knew that their much-loved Christ would be leaving them. But they also saw the great resolve which grew in those Sun-beings to continue to help the Christ in his new mission on the earth – for they had always helped the earth before. Now, with his going to the earth, they would be able to help even more directly, because Christ would be among human beings upon earth.

Now when the kings experienced this through their star, they gradually began to realize that their own wisdom had begun to grow anew. They became even wiser than before. And they got the idea that if the Spirit of the Sun was going to come and become the Spirit of the Earth, then he would have to be worthily received here upon earth. Preparations would have to be made to properly receive him here, too, just as the beings on the Sun were making proper preparations for him to leave. The kings began to teach human beings out of their new-growing wisdom about Sun beings, about Christ, the Chief among the Sun Beings, and about how one could think of what Christ could bring to the earth, and what he might like to do for the earth. And when the Archangel Michael saw what these three kings were trying to do, he entered into human thoughts and inspired them to understand what the three kings were teaching. Thus the cosmic wisdom came down to the earth from heaven.

And when the time came for Christ to leave the sun and approach the earth, the Archangel Michael made a special inspiration for the three kings themselves, and they realized that they could see the star approaching the earth, even without looking anymore into their precious stone, and that they could follow his gradual arrival. They also realized that they were the ones who would have to go to the place of his coming and meet him with the signs of the preparation for his arrival upon earth. Thus it was that they came to the place of his coming, and brought the signs of gold, incense and myrrh to meet him.

And after they had met him, they realized that in the same way that Michael had placed the star of Lucifer in their hands, he had also caused the wisdom of their heads to be placed in their hearts.