Legacy Gifts have had a tremendous impact on The Christian Community, both regionally and within the congregations. For instance, in San Francisco, a generous person planned wisely and left the congregation a gift that Gifts That Transformallowed them to bring their place of worship “up to code” in the event of an earthquake. Members are quick to share how overwhelmingly grateful they are to this friend and for this beautiful gift that allowed the congregation to remain where they call “home.”

In Los Angeles, a quiet and unassuming member gave a gift that allowed the congregation to replace the roof on their church. “Every time I see the roof, I think of Peggy and in this way, she will live on forever with our gratitude,” said a congregation member.

There are countless stories of people who planned for a “future gift” to The Christian Community and in each case, their generosity had an impact on the church long after they were gone. Oliver Steinrueck, the North American Coordinator of The Christian Community, says: Bequests, big and small, can have a huge impact on the congregations. I’m heartened by the incredible generosity coming from our members. Many congregations owe their existence to a significant legacy gift in their past, but also deeply moving are the smaller bequests from individuals who are not as well off financially. These gifts have sometimes come at a crucial time for the congregation, even if they had been put into place years earlier.  Legacy gifts allow The Christian Community to thrive and grow, and we couldn’t be more grateful to those who plan ahead and entrust us with these gifts.