A Way Towards Christ

The Christian Community celebrates the Eucharist, the Sacrament of bread and wine, in a renewed form. This renewal of the archetypal form of early Christian worship, the mass, is called The Consecration of the Human Being.
The New Service
It consists of four steps that reveal in visible form what happens as an invisible process in the spirit:

•  Gospel reading—hearing the good news from the realm of the angels;
•  Offertory—offering ourselves in response;
•  Transubstantiation—the transformation of what is offered;
•  Communion—receiving renewal in spiritual-physical form.

This underlying structure is the human path, the way toward Christ. The unusual name, The Consecration of the Human Being, implies that the ultimate goal of our lives is to become a true human being. Christ, who himself became a human being, enlivens our true humanity. He gives his healing, transforming power to those who seek him, who recognize him and who follow him.

Progressing through the nine festivals of the liturgical year (and the four inter-festival seasons) involves our souls in an evolving relationship to Christ. The changing colors, vestments and prayers express the mood and character of the festivals and seasons.

Visitors are always welcome. Your own experience will convey more than any description.