• Ninetta Sombart: Life and Art, Volker Harlan
  • The Isenheim Altar: Suffering and Salvation in the Art of Gruenewald, Gottfried Richter
  • Art and Human Consciousness, Gottfried Richter

Life Issues

  • Crisis Points: Working Through Personal Problems, Julian Sleigh
  • Friends and Lovers: Working Through Relationships, Julian Sleigh
  • Learning to Experience the Etheric World: Empathy, the After-Image and a New Social Ethic, Baruch Luke Urieli
  • Male and Female: Developing Human Empathy, Baruch Luke Urieli
  • Human Needs and Cosmic Answers: The Spirit of the Circling Stars, Adam Bittleston
  • Thirteen to Nineteen Discovering the Light, Julian Sleigh


  • Our Spiritual Companions: From Angels and Archangels to Cherubim and Seraphim, Adam Bittleston
  • What the Angels Need to Tell Us Now: Receiving, Considering and Acting on Their Messages, Irene Johanson
  • More Messages from the Angels: Preparing to Receive, Verifying and Confirming the Truth, Irene Johanson
  • Encounters with Angels, Dan Lindholm

Cycle of the Year

  • The Rhythm of the Christian Year: Renewing the Religious Cycle of Festivals, Emil Bock
  • Celebrating Festivals Around the World, Evelyn Francis Capel
  • The Christian Year, Evelyn Francis Capel
  • Festivals with Children, Brigitte Bar


  • Festivals with Children, Brigitte Barz
  • Thirteen to Nineteen Discovering the Light, Julian Sleigh
  • Collected Plays for Young and Old, Evelyn Capel
  • The Christmas Story Book, Collected by Ineke Verschuren
  • The Easter Story Book, Collected by Ineke Verschuren
  • The Emperor’s Vision and other Christ Legends, Selma Lagerlof
  • Stories of the Saints, Siegwart Knijpenga

Death and Dying

  • Though You Die: Death and Life Beyond Death, Stanley Drake
  • Where Are You? Coming to Terms with the Death of My Child, Karin V. Schilling
  • Crossing the Threshold: Practical and Spiritual Guidance on Death and Dying, Based on the Work of Rudolf Steiner, Nicholas Wijnberg

Theology and Christology

  • Free from Dogma: Theological Reflections in The Christian Community, Tom Ravetz
  • Renewing Christianity, James Hindes
  • Christ and the Son of Man, Wilhelm Kelber
  • The Eucharist, Rudolf Frieling
  • Seven Sacraments: In The Christian Community, Evelyn Capel and Tom Ravetz
  • The Beginnings of Christianity: Essene Mystery, Gnostic Revelation and the Christian Vision, Andrew Welburn
  • The Incarnation: Finding Our True Self Through Christ, Tom Ravetz
  • Lord of the Elements, Bastiaan Baan
  • Old New Mysteries, Bastiaan Baan
  • By Hans Werner Schroeder:
  • The Trinity
  • Necessary Evil: Origin and Purpose
  • The Christian Creed, A Meditative Path
  • The Cosmic Christ

Old and New Testaments

  • The New Testament, A Rendering, Jon Madsen
  • The Timeless Storyteller: A Study of the Parables in the Gospels, Evelyn Francis Capel
  • By Emil Bock:

  • Genesis: Creation and the Patriarchs
  • Kings and Prophets: Saul, David, Solomon, Elijah, Jonah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah
  • Moses: From the Mysteries of Egypt to the Judges of Israel
  • Threefold Mary
  • The Childhood of Jesus: The Unknown Years
  • The Three Years: The Life of Christ between Baptism and Ascension
  • Caesars and Apostles: Hellenism, Rome and Judaism
  • Saint Paul: Life, Epistles, and Teaching
  • The Apocalypse of Saint John
  • Studies in the Gospels, Volume 1 (2010)
  • By Rudolf Frieling:

  • New Testament Studies
  • Old Testament Studies

Prayer and Contemplation

  • Meditative Prayers for Today, Adam Bittleston
  • Prayers and Graces, Michael Jones
  • The Healing Power of Prayer, Hans Werner Schroeder
  • The Hope of the World: Contemplations and Aphorisms, Rudolf Frieling
  • Meditation: Guidance of the Inner Life, Friedrich Rittlemeye
  • Ways into Christian Meditation, Bastiaan Baan