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Midsummer Verse

Painting by Silvia Gorr St. John the Baptist (Midsummer) Thou herald spirit, by the Father’s grace Abiding witness to the Light of Lights, Look on our seeking. All we have done on earth has left its trace, And all we say sounds on for spirit ears. Help at our judging. Baptizer of the waking soul, […]

The America Verse

The America Verse May our feeling penetrate Into the center of our heart, And seek, in love, to unite itself With the human beings seeking the same goal, With the spirit beings who, bearing grace, Strengthening us from realms of light And illuminating our love, Are gazing down upon Our earnest, heart-felt striving. –Translation by […]

A Few Thoughts on Clouds for Ascension

The clouds are more than they seem. We see them all the time. They are never fixed to one spot or shape and they are more than just a misty mass of white fluff. They are a dynamic mix of water in liquid, solid and gas (which is also amazing that water can do that!) . […]

Contemplation on John 16

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have much hardship; but take courage, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 Contemplation on John 16 By Mimi Coleman So many people have been in their homes now for weeks, a month or more.  We have tried to keep our distance, […]

Christian Contemplations

Rev. Craig Wiggins’ Christian Contemplations Born out of the necessity of communicating with his Chicago congregation during the corona shutdown, these Holy Week contemplations expanded into Eastertide and might just continue on indefinitely. In approximately twenty-minute segments, Rev. Wiggins attempts to capture one aspect of the mysteries of Christian development, Christ consciousness and practices that […]

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A Prayer for One’s Country

Prayer for One’s Country (adapted) –Adam Bittleston O Christ, Thou knowest The souls and spirits Whose deeds have woven This land’s destiny. May we who today Are bearers of this destiny Find the strength and the light Of thy servant Michael. And our hearts be warmed By Thy blessing, O Christ, That our deeds may […]