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A New Year

A New Year In our time it does not often happen that people face the future full of confidence.  Everywhere sounds concern about the future, fear of the future, doom-thinking about what the future has in store for us.  There is even a “no-future-generation,” young people for whom the future is hopeless.  How can they, […]


Christmas Epistle

Christmas Epistle One of the paradoxes of Christianity is that the Son of God lived only once on the earth, and that he is at the same time “the Son born in eternity.”  The reality of His one-time embodiment is expressed in classical Christianity with the words Et incarnatus est.  The Word became flesh. The […]


Do You Love Me? (Jn.21)

Do You Love Me? (Jn.21) Love has to be a two-way street.  In this well-known saying the secret of the alchemy of love is expressed.  Love should not just be given; we should also learn to receive it.  Only through the interactive effect of both, giving and receiving, something new comes into being that neither […]

Watch and Pray

Watch and Pray It is a well-known phenomenon that some events are so huge, so overwhelming, that they exceed our comprehension.  We don’t see them coming, until we are placed before accomplished facts.  Sometimes we don’t want to see them at all, and act as if nothing is the matter.  Think of the two world […]

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100 Years -The Christian Community – CG 2022 becomes LOGOS

CG 2022 becomes LOGOS The planning team for the “100 Years The Christian Community” festival is sending this e-mail to all priests, coordinators, and to our correspondents and friends. Dear members and friends of the Christian Community, As usual, you may find the current multilingual newsletters for our festival “100 Years TheChristian Community” at https://cg-2022.org/wp/index.php/filedownload/. In these days, we appreciate the homily of Bastiaan Baan: https://www.thechristiancommunity.org/blog/second-coming-far-or-near : The greatest closeness is: being […]


Second Coming – Far or Near

Second Coming – Far or Near? In a world of estrangement, the concepts of nearness and distance are no longer unequivocal.  Is someone near because he happens to sit next to me?  Some people may live together for years and experience nothing but loneliness, as if they were miles away from each other in their […]

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Awaiting – Waiting – Expecting Waiting and watching—that is the characteristic position of the human being who observes the world around him without doing anything himself. It is the attitude of the modern person who watches events around him from a distance: “Wait and see.” Most of the time, this expression means that we are […]



World-Calm At the time of Advent, words are spoken at the altar that sound as an echo of the past.  It seems as if these words no longer fit in our hectic world.  What are we to make of the expression the world-calm around us?  Where can that calm still be found? When we listen […]

Priest Child Education Fund

Our priest families are supported through the freely given donations of their congregational members that cover the basics of housing, food, utilities, transportation, health care, etc.  One key expense that is not typically included in the priest support is the cost of educating their children.  North American congregations have helped to raise money for the […]