Still Sparkling: Report on the “Living Gold” Conference

The “Living Gold” conference for congregations and  priests from North and South America took place on Vancouver Island, July 21-29, 2012. The final number of participants was 196, which included fifteen priests, ten children and five Camphill companions. From Canada there were 75 (some only part-time), 53 from the USA, 32 from South America, and also a diverse group from Germany, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands Antilles and the Philippines.

The venue was a private boarding school with beautiful grounds and ample room in the chapel, dining hall, classrooms and dormitories. Surrounded by this gracious setting, we could be grateful that such an institution feels a mission of service to the wider community, and generously offers their campus and facilities for rent to groups whom Shawnigan Lake School recognizes as serving “the greater good.”

As diverse as both the group and the daily themes were, there was an uplifting sense of overall harmony. The lectures built upon each other, which was remarkable when considering the speakers did not know what the others were going to say. We followed the role that gold has played in relationship to Man, society and the Earth. Read more


Christ and the Corporate Being

When Jesus went down to the river that day
He was baptized in the usual way.
And when it was done, God blessed his Son,
He sent him his love,
On the wings of a dove.
(Gospel Hymn)

One of the great moments in the Gospels comes at the beginning of Christ’s ministry, immediately after his Baptism in the Jordan. At that moment Jesus has received into himself the Spirit of God, which has descended like a dove, and the voice of God proclaims His love for His Son, through whom He will be revealed.

This is a moment of great power, a supreme moment of the infusion of Spirit into matter. It is at this time, when the Power of God is so strongly felt, that the Temptation by the Adversary Powers takes place.

The Adversary offers up three temptations: rulership over the world, invulnerability, and the ability to turn stones into bread. Christ refuses these temptations and begins the process of uniting His Being with that of humanity, so that we ourselves may bring into being The Christ who dwells within each and every member of the human family.

When we look at our world today and how it operates, we see that the most powerful being on our planet is the global corporation. Read more