Evening Sermon, September 13, 2001

In the time to come, those of us left on the earth can watch for signs of that new life and care for that new life. The children who will be born in the near future will have experienced what lives in the souls just released by these events. As the approaching souls and the newly released souls mingle near the earth, those yet to be born will be inspired to take up the threads, the ideals, the guiding impulses of those whose lives were offered. These approaching souls, as well as those who have just crossed, will be filled with a drive toward true peace, true love, and true human freedom. They will be inspired, just as even now, we ourselves can feel the inspiring forces of those released. There is much we can do.

For those who have died, we can pray:

May the Good Shepherd lead them
Where they are transformed
That they may breathe
The air of eternal Being.

Where they work as soul
For worlds to come
The grace of the Spirit
Unite us with them.*

Even now there are yet many, recovered and unrecovered, who, gravely ill, are hovering near the threshold of death. And many are those who mourn. We may pray:

May the Good Shepherd lead them
Into peace of heart
Into hopeful thinking,
Into patient strength of will;
Health of body,
Harmony of soul,
Clarity of spirit,
Now and in the time to come.*

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