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Lord among the seven candles!
Giver of the light undarkened!
Helper of the souls who struggle
With their passions’ bitter visage
On the wide stairs of the Night—

Thou who bearest from the Father
Sun-Life changeful and unchanging,
Healing for the spirit’s weakness
When it weaves from wandering shadows
Error that denies Thy Being—

Christ whose love calls forth the roses
From the cross on which we suffer;
Guardian of the door to Heavens
Where the deeds on earth unfinished
Through God’s grace prepare fulfillment—

Thy strong soul unite our feeling
With the souls of men who journey
From the earth to distant star worlds;
And with those who seek the entry
To the earth which Thou has hallowed.

Adam Bittleston, in Meditative Prayers for Today, available at http://www.steinerbooks.org/Books/BookDetail.aspx?productID=264

Salvation is a Two-Way Path

Salvation is a word derived from the Greek meaning “preservation”. What is it that is being preserved?

When God first created the human being, He was creating the blueprint for how we fashion our bodies. Each human being was given its own copy. Before birth, we weave the body with the help of divine beings, according to the blueprint we have been given.

At the end of life, at the gate of death, we are met by the adversarial spiritual beings (among others). We all, to a greater or lesser extent, made our greater or lesser “pact with the devil”. We needed a degree of wealth to sustain our lives. We needed to devote a larger portion of our time and energy to acquiring money, at the very least for food. The adversaries were happy to help us exaggerate this need into “wants”. To the extent that we benefited from what they offered us in life, at our death, the adversaries have the divinely ordained right to demand payment from us. What they want is their “pound of flesh”, that is, a part of the information, a piece of the blueprint that allows us to create bodies. For they want to create a race of spiritual automatons of their own.

At first the blueprint was fresh and clear, but after humanity’s fall into matter, the copies, or to use a computer analogy, the “files” became corrupted. As human beings incarnated more and more often and participated in the material side of life, the blueprint files became increasingly corrupted. As they lost the pattern, it became more and more difficult for human beings to help the angels create healthy bodies as instruments for their spirits.

Finally God sent His Son, the Christ, with the fresh original. When Christ Jesus arrived at the gate of death, the adversaries could claim nothing from Him. He kept the blueprint pure and brought it uncorrupted both into the realm of life and into death. He used it to fashion His incorruptible, eternal resurrection body that still walks on earth and in heaven today. He can give of His incorruptible resurrection body to those who connect themselves with Him. His is the original; connecting with Him is the way we human beings can continue to come to the earth and to fulfill the destiny of humankind. Connecting with Him preserves our real life, the life our spirits, which carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

However, salvation – the preservation of our capacity to return to earth healthy – is a two-way street. It requires our participation. We must approach Christ in freedom. We must connect with Him in love and dedicate ourselves to the One who says of Himself that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This is our individual contribution to the salvation, to the preservation of humanity, so that we can continue evolving toward making Earth a heaven.