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Death and Dying

Though You Die: Death and Life Beyond Death, Stanley Drake Where Are You? Coming to Terms with the Death of My Child, Karin V. Schilling Crossing the Threshold: Practical and […]

Theology and Christology

Free from Dogma: Theological Reflections in The Christian Community, Tom Ravetz Renewing Christianity, James Hindes Christ and the Son of Man, Wilhelm Kelber The Eucharist, Rudolf Frieling Seven Sacraments: In […]

Old and New Testaments

The New Testament, A Rendering, Jon Madsen The Timeless Storyteller: A Study of the Parables in the Gospels, Evelyn Francis Capel By Emil Bock: Genesis: Creation and the Patriarchs Kings […]

Prayer and Contemplation

Meditative Prayers for Today, Adam Bittleston Prayers and Graces, Michael Jones The Healing Power of Prayer, Hans Werner Schroeder The Hope of the World: Contemplations and Aphorisms, Rudolf Frieling Meditation: […]