Looking for a Refuge

Looking for a Refuge  (Rev. 12) A desert is usually a place of loneliness and hardship, a wilderness.  Rarely is there water, rarely a sign of life.  In early Christianity, the so-called desert fathers lived as monks in the desert for many years, sometimes for the rest of their life.  They had to fight a […]


The Armor of God

The Armor of God (Eph.6:10-20) In a world full of conflicts and crises, peace has become a concept that usually no longer corresponds with hard reality.  In war zones, peace has often become a distant promise, an illusion.  In its stead, an expression has developed that is closer to the sobering truth: “armed peace,” a […]


The Wedding Garment

The Wedding Garment (Matt.22:1-14) In our time, many people are living in the illusion that they can step into heaven just as they have lived on earth—straight up to God to tell him that things are not right on earth, and that He has to do something to put them in order. Long ago, there […]


International News from the Regions – Michaelmas 2020

Here is a link the International Report from the Regions, Michaelmas 2020


Stand Up!

STAND UP (Lk.7:11-17) Wherever we go or stay, we are everywhere surrounded by the dying earth existence.  Nearly a hundred years ago, when The Christian Community was founded, this expression, which sounds in our Creed, was virtually unknown.  Admittedly, death was very much present in the war that preceded the founding of The Christian Community, […]

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Michaelmas Sophia Festival 2020

The Christian Community in Melbourne Australia  is hosting a Michaelmas festival of 4 presentations in October. There is no set fee for the online festival, but donations are welcome. For more information click here. To register: thechristiancommunitymelbourne@gmail.com  


The Light Source of the Body (Matthew 6)

Our eyes have the capacity of adjusting themselves to darkness.  When we come out of sunlight into a dark tunnel or cave, we are at first disoriented. Or when we walk at night from a lighted street into a dark wood, we may perhaps be frightened by the darkness.  But if we do not lose […]