The Drama of Passiontide

Last week, those of us who were up early could experience an amazingly seamless transition: the light of the moon, which day by day became smaller and smaller, fading away in the growing light of the sun. In this way, just before the beginning of Passiontide, four weeks before Easter, we were reminded of the […]


The Three Gifts

…We are given mistakes, we are given nightmares- and our task is to turn them into poetry. And were I truly a poet I would feel that every moment of my life is poetic, every moment of my life is a kind of clay I have to mould.   “The actual poet’s task is true […]


This June in the Netherlands

  June 2 – 6, 2017 Whitsun fire, The gift of freedom How do we catch the spark? How do we nurse the flame? How do we light the fire? This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet different people from all over the world belonging to the Christian Community, to celebrate the Act of […]


The Birth of Joy

Not only do we celebrate the Three Kings on Epiphany, we also celebrate the Epiphany in the river Jordan- The baptism of Jesus. Because just like the Star of Grace that blessed the kings with its light, the Holy Spirit blessed Jesus with Christ’s light in the river Jordan. And yet, as important as the […]


Thoughts on the New Year

And the one sitting on the throne spoke: See: I am making all things new. And he says: Write: These words are trustworthy and true. And he said to me: It has happened. I AM the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. —Revelation 21— More than six hundred years ago, Guillaume de […]


Preparing for Christmas

Even though I am from California, I’m beginning to love snow. Not only for its beauty, but most of all, for the peaceful silence that it brings, permeating everything. Deep within each human soul there is also a silence, an inner peace-filled silence that wants to awaken in our hearts. But just like the silence that […]

, , Open Seminary Course: December 12 – 16

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