Old and New Testaments

The New Testament, A Rendering, Jon Madsen The Timeless Storyteller: A Study of the Parables in the Gospels, Evelyn Francis Capel By Emil Bock: Genesis: Creation and the Patriarchs Kings and Prophets: Saul, David, Solomon, Elijah, Jonah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah Moses: From the Mysteries of Egypt to the Judges of Israel Threefold Mary The Childhood […]

Prayer and Contemplation

Meditative Prayers for Today, Adam Bittleston Prayers and Graces, Michael Jones The Healing Power of Prayer, Hans Werner Schroeder The Hope of the World: Contemplations and Aphorisms, Rudolf Frieling Meditation: Guidance of the Inner Life, Friedrich Rittlemeye Ways into Christian Meditation, Bastiaan Baan

Spirit of Free Inquiry

The basic feeling of reverence is one of humility and awe before something greater. If one were to try to convey reverence wordlessly, it would be by bowing, by humbly lowering oneself before the other. A spirit of free inquiry, however, conveys a different feeling; a feeling of spaciousness, of width and breadth and depth, […]