Announcement: Reverend Jonah Evan’s – Living with Christ

Rev. Jonah Evans is making available through a YouTube channel, his Living with Christ sessions. These videos originate from sessions of the Living with Christ group which takes place weekly in Toronto. From the start, the purpose of this group has always been to help people enter into and cultivate a personal relationship with the being of Christ Jesus. In addition to the bible and related scholarship, Jonah draws on his own experience and research, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, in helping us first come to know Christ, and then start to walk with him through the course of our lives.

Jonah started this group back in 2014, not long after he arrived as the new priest of the Christian Community in Toronto. The group continued for many years meeting weekly in the church library. Then with the advent of Covid in 2020 it moved to Zoom, and has since continued as a hybrid of in-person and Zoom. Using Zoom also made it easy to record the sessions with the thought that eventually they could be shared more widely in a format such as this. Since 2021 Jonah has also been Director of the Seminary of the Christian Community in North America.


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