Finding Your Star in the Darkness

Image courtesy of Mary Sinead Cards

It is Epiphany, the time we celebrate the kings, the star and the journey. But first we can ask, as we prepare ourselves for finding our star, how did the kings prepare themselves? What did they have to do first to become aware of their star of destiny? They had to look into the night – into the darkness. For it is only in darkness that we can see the stars. They sank into the emptiness of the unknown and asked for guidance. The darkness of the night sky became their altar.

Within each one of us there is also a darkness. This is the place in us that is empty – a place we mostly want to avoid. This is the place in us where we feel our hidden pain and loneliness. It is the night sky of our soul. And yet, in order to see our star it must get dark. We must step into the night.

The king in us is the one who would dare to sink into this emptiness and cry out for the light. The king in us knows that first we must learn to breath loneliness. The king in us knows that we find our star again by building an inner altar in and with the darkness.

For just like the stars of the night sky, our star of destiny does not leave or take away the darkness and loneliness of the night. When our star of grace finds us it shines into the emptiness of our souls – It shines because of the darkness.

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