Prayers for Strength

A Prayer for Strength

The Soul’s longings are like seeds,

Out of which deeds of will are growing

And life’s fruits are ripening.

I can feel my destiny and my destiny finds me.

I can feel my star and my star finds me.

I can feel my aims and my aims are finding me.

The World and my soul are one great unity.

Life grows brighter around me

Life becomes harder for me

Life will be richer within me.

— Rudolf Steiner, PRAYERS AND GRACES, p. 74.

A Prayer to the Nine Ranks of Gods

In the weaving of the ether

Man’s web of destiny

Is received by Angels, Archangels, Archai.

Into the astral world

The just consequences of man’s earthly life

Die into Exousiai, Dynameis, Kyriotetes.

In the essence of their deeds

The honest creations of man’s earthly life

Are resurrected in Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim.

— Rudolf Steiner, PRAYERS AND GRACES, p. 62.

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