Light in Freedom

“Two lights brighten our world. One is provided by the Sun, but another answers to it–the light of the eye. Only through their entwining do we see; lacking either, we are blind. ”  ~ Zajonc, Catching the Light. ——

Something more than physical sunlight streams down to Earth. In sunlight, the warm love of the Godhead can be felt. Every human being has light within which responds to the light without. But there is a mystery here. We do not always respond to the light. We do not always tend toward the light like the plants. We have free will. And sometimes we choose to ignore the light and go our own way.

When we are in a Cathedral, we see the light of the sun streaming in through the stained glass in the daytime. At night, we have to be outside to see the light streaming out from within!

And so it is with human beings. In the daytime, we take in the spiritual world in the brightness of day. It is loud here, and we often miss what the spirit is trying to say to us at any given moment. At night, in the darkness, the Spiritual world can much more easily see what is beautiful and worthy streaming out from the light of human beings sleeping.

What gets in the way of the light within us, that it does not always reach the light without? What is the darkness which causes us such chaos and confusion in our times?

We are in darkness when we are not clear. We are in darkness when we are untruthful, when we are vague, when we make assumptions or avoid thinking about the thing that is right in front of us. We are in darkness when we are full of hatred, anger or fear.

But what happens the minute we try to make sense out of what is before us? What activity of the mind starts turning when we go for precision, for clarity, when we are even willing to do a little research? What happens when we try to understand the one who is foreign to us or the one who drives us crazy? Then something begins to awaken in us which leads us towards light. The activity of trying to make sense out of what’s going on when we do not know what or why it is happening develops a capacity in us.

Every object, well-contemplated, opens up a new organ in us. ~Goethe

We are seeking the light in freedom. How can it be that the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not accepted it? (John 1:5) Can we find a way? Can we possibly find Christ’s light in our daylight, and return it to Him in love each night? This would bring grace upon grace to our troubled world.

The current festival season is Epiphany. Click here to read about it on our festivals page and here for a three kings children’s story.
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  1. Hanneke (JW) Geers
    Hanneke (JW) Geers says:

    Thank you Carol Kelly. It is so true. The darkness, the chaos in this world, perhaps sometimes/often in me can be great. But there is a great Light. The only thing we/I have to do is open the inner eye, my heart. It is the only way out. Out of the chaos, out of the darkness. The chaos in the world. Beginning with /in myself.

  2. Bruno
    Bruno says:

    Straight to the point, you know, this is how holy spirit works. I am in the situation that you are writing abou, and i never searched for any cristian texts or community, today -actually ten minutes ago i finally did – and i got my answer right away. Thanks in the name of Jesus Christ!

  3. B.Harris
    B.Harris says:

    God’s Grand Plan of the Ages!
    All Blessings Which Shall Flow to All….

    “But truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.” Numbers 14:21
    God shall wipe away all tears from off all faces.
    Isaiah 25:8; Revelation 7:17
    All wars shall cease.
    Isaiah 2:4; Micah 4:3
    All evil shall be suppressed.
    Psalm 37:10; Revelation 20:2,3
    God’s judgments shall teach righteousness to all.
    Isaiah 26:9; 28:17
    Nothing shall ever hurt nor destroy.
    Isaiah 11:9
    Truth shall triumph in the earth.
    Psalm 85:11
    God shall write His Law in the hearts of men.
    Jeremiah 31:33
    All shall know Him from the least to the greatest.
    Jeremiah 31:34
    Earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God.
    Habakuk 2:14
    God shall pour out His spirit upon all flesh.
    Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17
    All iniquity shall be remembered no more.
    Isaiah 55:7
    All shall rejoice as sorrow and sighing flee away.
    Isaiah 35:10
    There shall be no more death, sorrow or pain.
    Revelation 21:4,5
    There shall be no more sickness.
    Isaiah 33:24
    The eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.
    Isaiah 35:5
    The earth shall yield her increase.
    Psalm 67:6
    The desert shall blossom as the rose.
    Isaiah 35:1
    The ransomed of the Lord shall return from death.
    Isaiah 35:10
    One shall not build and another inhabit, nor plant and another take, nor shall any labor in vain.
    Isaiah 65:22,23
    Every man shall sit under his own vine and fig tree.
    Micah 4:4
    God shall multiply the fruitage of the earth.
    Psalm 67:6; 85:12
    There shall be showers of blessing.
    Ezekiel 34:26
    The earth shall become like a Garden of Eden.
    Isaiah 51:3

    Good News!


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