Collot d’Herbois


You live in secret

and fill all your creatures

you work and reign

everything upon everything

and reveal yourself

In tenderness and beauty.

–Sophie Michaelis


–Adam Bittleston

Let me remember the servants of Christ

Who kept in their hearts

His will for the world.

Beneath the Cross, the beloved disciple

Winning from pain eternal patience,

Beholding in darkness the new beginning.

Paul, who endured all persecution,

Rejoicing in the freedom of the Christian soul.

Columba, through the dark and the cold

Journeying to build a faithful brotherhood.

Francis, overcoming the fear of leprosy,

And raising our vision to the beauty of earth.

Elizabeth, bringing red roses

Into the depths of need.

The work of the servants of Christ

Holds in it sure promise

For the future of earth.

May we protect

What they have planted.

Their power live

In words and deeds of ours.

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