Welcome Rev. Katinka Schulte-Ostermann

The North American Region welcomes Rev. Katinka Schulte-Ostermann! Rev. Schulte-Ostermann arrived in Sacramento. CA, on May 20th, where she will begin her work in the US.
You can read her bio below.

Rev. Katinka Schulte-Ostermann, born in the 1970s, grew up in a large family (three older and 7 younger siblings) in the seaport city of Kiel in northern Germany. She attended the Waldorf School there, and after graduation she worked for one year in the Camphill Community Sheiling in Great Britain.

She was only a teenager when she decided she wanted to become a priest in The Christian Community, so after completing the year of work at Camphill, she enrolled in the priest seminary in Stuttgart. However, the Seminary teachers recognized it was too soon for her to become a priest. There was still too much for her to learn, and she wanted to deepen her understanding of the human mind and psyche. Therefore, she began the study of philosophy, first in the city of her birth, then in Leipzig. She enjoyed her studies and felt she should become a university professor. After graduating, she got a job as a scientific assistant at the University of Duisburg-Essen in western Germany, where she wrote her PhD thesis, taught in Essen, and also lectured in Leipzig.

During this time it become more and more obvious to her, that it is impossible to teach only the students’ minds, but instead, everything they learn influences the entirety of their being. The subjects she was teaching and the information which the students needed to pass their exams seemed to be, in the long run, one sided. Real spirituality was missing. It was this realization that led her to re-consider the idea of becoming a priest. After completing the Seminary studies, Rev. Schulte-Ostermann was ordained as a priest in May 2010. Since that time she has been working in several congregations in Germany.


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