For the Advancement of the World 1: Michael’s Call1

What the Creed has described in measured sentences comes alive as a dramatic struggle during the festival time of Michael. When Michael calls us, to reach out to the deed of life and death on Golgotha, with his beckoning hand he creates the free space in which human beings can turn to him with their heart. Standing before the God the Son, the God of Man, the God of human beings, he wants us to connect with the fount of healing.

  1. After a talk by Arie Boogert, Michaelmas 2006, Boston, edited by Muriel Morris
  2. These thoughts have been taken from lectures held August 20, 28 and 29, 1920 by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, lectures 6, 10 and 11 in a series published as Spiritual Science as a Foundation for Social Forms (CW 199).
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