For the Advancement of the World 2: The Living and the Dead1

The last part of the service, Communion, is as the first part of the service fully Christ-orientated: on him, whose body and blood heal the soul, that it continue to live, keep strong the soul that in the time to come it will not die. Here, a world of resurrection on a human scale begins to be realized – even when only for moments, by way of people receiving the healing medicine which grows into the “pharmakon athanasias” which we need to be able to live in the heavens in the periods when we are dead to the earth.

Both in the Apocalypse to John and the Act of Consecration of Man, in a different but similar way, the Coming Christ unites himself with human beings ardently awaiting the God of Man, who also is the Son of Man.

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  4. See Note 3, pp 114-115
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