Apocalypse (3)1 “The Second Coming”

In the holy city, New Jerusalem within a new heaven and a new earth, the final and seventh manifestation of Christ coincides with the manifestation of the Father who together share the throne (22:1). The temple of the city (its walls measured by human measure, which is angelic) is a manifestation of the One God, even when the glory of the revelation of the Father illuminates the city as its light and Christ carries the light as its “lamp” – in a city which knows no night (21:22ff) and is not in need of light of lamp or sun (22:5).

The prologue of the Gospel of John speaks of the Word who was in the beginning, with God and at the same time “God”, through whom everything entered into existence – who was in the world, which through him had entered into existence. This is the Word which on earth entered into existence in the flesh, to dwell among human beings as the Christ, to die and rise from the dead.

The Apocalypse to John speaks of him, through whom the new world came into existence, its city fashioned in human, which is angelic, measurements – in which the Word once more is “with God”.

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