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Between Heaven and Earth

Sunset from spaceAt sunset, the sun is midway between heaven and earth. Its light hits us in the middle and is warm and full of color. The sun is not too high as to burn our eyes with its light, and not too low as to be swallowed up by the earth. At sunset, the sun is the balance point between heaven and earth.

Within each one of our hearts there is also a sun, an inner sun.
But from time to time, it gets too high, too far away from the earth and its light, our ideals—can burn us, burn others around us with its harshness and judgment…

Or, on the other hand, it can happen that our sun gets too low and is swallowed up by the horizon, swallowed up by our earthly cravings and material concerns.

But during the holy nights, we hear from the altar that Christ has come to save us. He has come to save us from the deceiving false light when our sun is too high—away from the ground of the earth; and that he has come to save us from the senses’ unworthy cravings when our sun is too low and swallowed up by what is earthly…

Christ saves us, makes possible for us, to bring our inner sun into the middle, the sunset realm, where warm bearable light shines through and the beauty of our unique colors warms those around us.

The Act of Consecration of Man teaches us this middle—it is a school for our inner sun, to bring forth balanced and warm light—that, like the sun at sunset, the human sun become the balance between heaven and earth.

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