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Christ and the Law of Scarcity

In everyday life, to give means to have less for ourselves. If someone gives you some money or some food, immediately they notice that they have less money or less food. Or, if one gives more time to his work, he has less time for his family. It is a law in this world of ours, that giving to one means taking from another. It is this reality, the reality of scarcity in our world that  brings us fear.

At the end of the day, the fear and anxiety that we carry is born from our awareness of what we can lose and have lost, or that perhaps there will not be enough for us. Fear rules this world.

But there is another world.

And this other world is here with us too, intertwined- within us. For we hear in our gospel today Christ says, “I do not give as the world gives.” “Peace I leave with you: My peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives.”

Christ’s gift is of another world because he does not give as this world gives. Receiving Christ’s gift, HIS peace when we take communion, is not bound by the limitations of the laws of this world. He doesn’t have less peace when He gives it, but more! It is like receiving fire, like a candle receiving a flame. The flame is not diminished or lessened after it gives its fire to another candle. The flame grows, multiplies and overflows as it is given until the whole room is filled with light.

Let us receive Christ’s peace. For at every moment He is giving it. May his peace fill what we have lost, bring trust to what is unknown. May the light of His peace become our world within this world.

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