Hope- the Deepest Ground of Being

Finally, the snow is gone. Spring gives a feeling of new hope.  The earth is called to allow its frozen ground to melt away, so that its true ground can be found anew.

For each human life, for every human heart, like the earth at spring, we too are all called in life to again and again find new ground.

For how often is it that what we thought was stable ground in our life, something that would always be, like snow has melted away? Perhaps it was a relationship, or a job, or a place we thought we would never leave. Perhaps it was an image of who we thought we were, or even a spiritual belief that we felt was our ground. And then things fell apart. What we thought was our rock in life turned out to be ice in the sun.

And yet when illusion falls away, when the snow melts, the opportunity to find truer ground becomes the task – for this task is actually our true mission as human beings. This is the hope of Gods, that human beings find the True Ground of the World.

Holy Week, which leads up to and prepares us for Easter is calling us in this mission.  When are hearts are empty and burning, when we feel there is nothing left and that everything, like the snow has melted away, may this reveal an inner spring.

Hope in what can come – Not hope for what our small selves desire – but true hope – hope that what is needed will be born anew.

For the deepest ground of being is hope. 

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  1. Bette
    Bette says:

    Hope is really so hard to carry on in our daily lives so we really must have retain Jesus in our hearts no matter what it cause.

  2. Karen Holmes
    Karen Holmes says:

    Jonah, Thank you for these most helpful words. I am reminded that St. Francis Assisi said that Hope was the muscular virtue — that it often wrestled out of what we think is darkness.
    I am sorry that Kevin and I could not stay for Sunday service the day after the Healing The Wound conference. The weather reports were not good and we thought it best to head out.
    I will be going back to New Zealand at the beginning of June for more learning in the Spirit of the Word. My sense of vocation to ministry continues to grow. I don’t have your home email address. Please contact me and we can stay in touch.
    Thank you. Easter blessings, Karen


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