Taconic Berkshire Region

The Christian Community in the Taconic Berskshire Region

Address: 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale NY 12529
Phone: (518) 325-5757
Website: http://thechristiancommunity.org/tacberk/
Priest: Rev. Liza Marcato, (518) 325-1166
Priest: Rev. Hugh Thornton, (845) 263-2377, hugh.patrick.thornton@gmail.com
Priest: Rev. Peter Skaller(semi-retired), (413) 274–6032

Taconic-Berkshire Program, Michaelmas 2014

Affiliate Communities:

Camphill Village, Copake

Address: Fountain Hall Crypt
Contact: Joseph Papas, (518) 329-7972

Pioneer Valley, Hadley, MA

Address: Hauschka Center, 20 Industrial Drive East, South Deerfield MA 01373
Contact: John Rollinson, (413) 582-7832
Email: christiancommunity@bcn.net

Burlington, VT

Address: Rock Point School Chapel, 1 Rock Point Road, Burlington
Contact: Rev. Liza Marcato, (518) 325-1166, please call in advance

Montreal, Quebec

Address: Westmount Park United Church, 305 Lansdowne Ave
Contact: Rev. Liza Marcato, (518) 325-1166, please call in advance

Note: Affiliate Communities do not have a priest working full time, however the sacraments are celebrated at a somewhat regular interval by a priest visiting from one of the established communities. The link is to the community from whence the priest visits. Contact the person listed for detail and scheduling.