The Angel Michael

Emil Bock offers us thoughts from his book The Rhythm of the Christian Year. 

St. Michael by Arild Rosenkrantz

“Today, Michael is the spiritual regent of the whole age. He has grown beyond the rank of an Archangel..When we touch the Angel, it can help us come to ourselves, for all of of us are not yet fully ourselves. Only when we make contact with the Angel, are we truly in ourselves. Only when we connect ourselves with the Archangel, do we grow beyond ourselves. And every human being who senses human dignity longs for this. But when we touch the sphere of Michael, the time spirit, we learn to stand within our age, and that means to rise above mundane, daily matters. The Angel of devotion causes hearts to be peaceful; he bestows peace. The Archangel of courage steels the inner will; he gives freedom. The primal power of transformation, the Genius of the Age, Michael, creates a new human community with the seeds of embodied spirit; he inaugurates true, humanity-encompassing love.”

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Mary and Martha – inactivity vs. activity

This contemplation on the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10.   

In this chapter, the story that is heard is about Jesus coming as a guest to the house of Mary and Martha. Mary is sitting quietly, contemplatively at his feet, listening to his word. Martha is busying herself, serving, not wanting to neglect the guest.

Mary – so we hear – has chosen the best part. Read more


North American Newsletter, Fall 2014

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