2nd Michaelmas: Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, 6:10-19 New Translation

What it comes to in the end is this: grasp the power which streams to you in the experience of Christ in the soul and in the powerful regency of his pure spiritual strength. Put on the power of God as one puts on full armor, so that you may stand against the well-aimed attacks […]

Evening Sermon, September 13, 2001

In the autumn fruit trees stand ripe for harvest. With its fruit the tree offers its own living substance to the earth. It makes this sacrifice so that new life, so that new trees, so that more fruit can grow and develop. That fruit surrounds an inner kernel, a seed. When the fruit falls, the […]

Apocalypse2: The Book of the Apocalypse to John

“The Revelation to John”, as a book, has a clear structure. It has a clearly defined beginning and end, as last week we have seen.2 John’s spiritual experiences, his visions told in this book, are the result of “being in the Spirit”. This happened to him four times. “In the Spirit” John first was “in […]

For the Advancement of the World 2: The Living and the Dead1

When preparing for the festival of Michael, we looked at the way our human role in the world is highlighted in the call of the archangel, as heard in the prayers of this festival time.2 After the Creed has described Christ’s resurrection it speaks of the way Christ, since his ascension, lives as “the fulfiller […]

Apocalypse (3)1 “The Second Coming”

It’s somewhat misleading to speak of a “Second Coming” of Christ, of Christ “returning” or “coming again”. Such expressions go back to words of the two angels who appear when the disciples have seen Christ going into heaven, when he was “being lifted up”, a cloud taking him out of their sight. At this ascension, […]

Apocalypse (4)1 Apocalyptic Times

The word “apocalyptic” is often used rather loosely, when we speak about catastrophic or overwhelming events which might remind us of things described in the last book of the Bible. In fact, hardly anything which happens to us today has this apocalyptic signature – what (forcefully) disrupts our more or less placid life is hardly […]

For the Advancement of the World 1: Michael’s Call1

Our title has been taken from what even in The Christian Community we call “The Creed”, although we don’t use this specific word to introduce contents in which we would “believe” in the old-fashioned sense, the word “credo” (“I believe”) lacking at the very beginning. What we find in this modern version of the Christian […]