The Light in Every Thing: Called to Account by the Spirit


Revs. Patrick Kennedy and Jonah Evans have made their podcast episode on George Floyd’s murder and the life with the Holy Spirit accessible to the public. You may listen to it by clicking here.

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  1. Laycistercians
    Laycistercians says:

    Thank you immensely for your words, challenging and comforting. In all of the commentary (and there was so much) on the murder of George Floyd, no one talked as you did, very vulnerably, about the guilt to be found by all: WE could have been this victim’s murderer; WE could have been the bystanders. Indeed, evil is so banal that way, as famously said about Eichmann, a Nazi Holocaust organizer, on trial in Jerusalem – the stuff of evil is found in everyone. Where are true forgiveness, justice and healing? I experience it to be in all guilty parties taking part in a truly human discussion (over days, months, years if it must) and redemptive act through the Spirit as you did (since your discussion ended in a sincere prayer of hope and forgiving and blessing).


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