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International Newsletter – Easter 2014

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Hope- the Deepest Ground of Being

Finally, the snow is gone. Spring gives a feeling of new hope.  The earth is called to allow its frozen ground to melt away, so that its true ground can be found anew.

For each human life, for every human heart, like the earth at spring, we too are all called in life to again and again find new ground.

For how often is it that what we thought was stable ground in our life, something that would always be, like snow has melted away? Read more

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Turning Suffering Into a Pearl

The oyster is an amazing being! For they hold within themselves a secret – the secret of how suffering can be useful – of how the pearl comes into being. First, sand gets caught between the shell and the membrane of the oyster, irritating it. The oyster responds to the irritant by giving it something. And little by little, this substance, called mother of pearl, that the oyster gives to the irritant, becomes the pearl.

From time to time, for each and every one of us, certain irritants also get caught in our shells. Read more

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The Divine Feminine

  • Mary and Sophia – The Feminine Element in the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity, Written by Michael Debus; Translated by Jutta Teigeler and James Hindes



North American Newsletter Spring 2014

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The Second Coming

Over two thousand years ago Christ incarnated on the earth in a physical human body. He died and then re-appeared to His friends after His death in His resurrection body, in what was at first for them an unfamiliar body of light. For 40 days He accompanied them in visible and audible form and continued to teach them. Then, at the event called His Ascension, He developed yet another form, another body. His being expanded across the whole of the earth; He made the earth itself into His body and united His life with its biosphere. The event described in the New Testament by the writer Luke in Acts 1 says: “…he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid Him from their sight.” (Acts 1: 9)

Like the air, He becomes both invisible and at the same time, as life-bestowing clouds, visible. At this Ascension event two men in white (angels) promise that, “This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11)

This promise has come to be called the Second Coming.

Especially through Paul and the traditional church’s Nicene Creed, this promise has been seen as being connected with the events of the end-times and with the “last judgment”. Yet, the gospel writer Matthew seems to describe Christ’s return in less definitive terms: “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the arrival [Greek parousia, or presence] of the Son of Man be….Then, the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see ‘the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven’ with power and great glory. And He will send His messengers [angels] with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His chosen ones from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” (Matthew 24:27, 30 and 31)

In the esoteric Christian tradition, Christ will begin to reappear again “in the realm of the clouds”, in the biosphere, to those whose powers of perception have matured sufficiently to perceive Him there. This does not signal the final end of the earth, but rather the end of an aeon, the completion of a cycle of time and a new beginning. What if “the chosen ones” who are gathered are those whose perceptive powers have matured? In that case, the Second Coming, the reappearance of Christ in the realm of life, could begin to happen at any time, even now. There are certainly many reports of those who have seen visions of Christ or had encounters with someone whom they later recognized as Him. He often seems to come to those who are in crisis.

In any case, He has never left the earth, but rather He expanded His being to include both heaven and earth. Like a rainbow, He is the bridge between the two realms; He spans heaven and earth. When we approach Him, He shows us the path which is Himself, the Way to where heaven and earth are joined, the path of His second coming, His reappearance out of the clouds, into the realm of Life.

Salvation is a Two-Way Path

Salvation is a word derived from the Greek meaning “preservation”. What is it that is being preserved?

When God first created the human being, He was creating the blueprint for how we fashion our bodies. Each human being was given its own copy. Before birth, we weave the body with the help of divine beings, according to the blueprint we have been given.

At the end of life, at the gate of death, we are met by the adversarial spiritual beings (among others). We all, to a greater or lesser extent, made our greater or lesser “pact with the devil”. We needed a degree of wealth to sustain our lives. We needed to devote a larger portion of our time and energy to acquiring money, at the very least for food. The adversaries were happy to help us exaggerate this need into “wants”. To the extent that we benefited from what they offered us in life, at our death, the adversaries have the divinely ordained right to demand payment from us. What they want is their “pound of flesh”, that is, a part of the information, a piece of the blueprint that allows us to create bodies. For they want to create a race of spiritual automatons of their own.

At first the blueprint was fresh and clear, but after humanity’s fall into matter, the copies, or to use a computer analogy, the “files” became corrupted. As human beings incarnated more and more often and participated in the material side of life, the blueprint files became increasingly corrupted. As they lost the pattern, it became more and more difficult for human beings to help the angels create healthy bodies as instruments for their spirits.

Finally God sent His Son, the Christ, with the fresh original. When Christ Jesus arrived at the gate of death, the adversaries could claim nothing from Him. He kept the blueprint pure and brought it uncorrupted both into the realm of life and into death. He used it to fashion His incorruptible, eternal resurrection body that still walks on earth and in heaven today. He can give of His incorruptible resurrection body to those who connect themselves with Him. His is the original; connecting with Him is the way we human beings can continue to come to the earth and to fulfill the destiny of humankind. Connecting with Him preserves our real life, the life our spirits, which carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

However, salvation – the preservation of our capacity to return to earth healthy – is a two-way street. It requires our participation. We must approach Christ in freedom. We must connect with Him in love and dedicate ourselves to the One who says of Himself that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This is our individual contribution to the salvation, to the preservation of humanity, so that we can continue evolving toward making Earth a heaven.

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International Newsletter, fall 2013

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Is Evil Necessary?

What is evil and how could it possibly be deemed “necessary”?

In the beginning the Creator said, “Let us make the human being in our image and likeness”.  What does that mean, but that we too are creators? However, there is no possibility to be creative without the capacity to choose, to choose something else. First of all we must consider that the possibility for a human being to engage in evil is indeed a necessary by-product of our freedom of choice.

Unlike animals, whose behavior is dictated by the compulsions of instinct; unlike the angels, who were created to joyfully serve the good always; human beings are created with a developing capacity for choice. This unfortunately opens up the possibility that we could choose evil over good. It is a necessary concomitant to our freedom of creative choice. The Godhead is willing to gamble on our freedom of choice so that human beings can become creatures who choose the good. We are gradually meant to be evolving into human beings who stand less and less under any kind of compulsion. With our evolving humanity, we are able to develop greater and greater freedom of choice.

What is the good? And what is evil?

One good working definition would be that evil is a good that is not in its proper time or place.

For example, once upon a time, in humanity’s childhood, the good involved being subsumed, serving the family, the tribe, the group. This is still the case with children today, who are “socialized” by family and school in order to become useful and cooperative members of the human race. However, what is good for a child is not necessarily good for an adult. An adult must sometimes make choices that disappoint or even enrage the group in order to fulfill his or her own divinely ordained destiny. Examples abound of grown individuals who, for instance, had to choose to abandon the life-path that their parents had laid out for them. It would be evil to compel an adult to subsume himself to the group’s hopes and expectations. Done out of love, it is appropriate enough for childhood or for an earlier phase of human history, but it is no longer a good for the modern adult. It destroys destinies.

Evil and its destructive consequences can also be brought about by a good being given too early. To take again the example of the adult’s relation to the child – to give children complete freedom to eat what and when they want, to sleep (or not) when they want, to go to school or not, to do chores or not, etc., would be to compromise the child’s future health and its capacity to contribute helpfully to its fellow human beings. In this case, complete freedom of choice is a good at the wrong time; given prematurely it would destroy health and human relations.