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Michaelmas Sophia Festival 2020

The Christian Community in Melbourne Australia  is hosting a Michaelmas festival of 4 presentations in October. There is no set fee for the online festival, but donations are welcome. For more information click here. To register: thechristiancommunitymelbourne@gmail.com  


The Light Source of the Body (Matthew 6)

Our eyes have the capacity of adjusting themselves to darkness.  When we come out of sunlight into a dark tunnel or cave, we are at first disoriented. Or when we walk at night from a lighted street into a dark wood, we may perhaps be frightened by the darkness.  But if we do not lose […]


The Ten Lepers Cleansed

The Ten Lepers Cleansed (Lk.17:11-19) The better part of our lives as adults consists of duties.  We have little choice: we have hardly finished our work, or when the next duty is already awaiting us.  Many people do little more than move from one duty to another all their lives.  And when a person scrupulously […]

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Announcement: Youth Adventure Camp in October!

YOUTH ADVENTURE CAMP October 22-November 1, 2020 Sponsored by the Seminary of The Christian Community For kids age 13 and older, Canoeing and White-Water Rafting on the French Broad River South Carolina and Tennessee For full flyer and info click here Register Here Registration Deadline October 1 st Questions? Contact Rev Ann Burfeind, annburfeind18@gmail.com


Sending the Seventy

Sending the Seventy (Lk.10:1-20) During His life on earth, Christ often sent helpers ahead to each town and place where He would Himself come.  They are called disciples (literally followers) and apostles (from apostello, to send off). Why was that necessary? Would it not have been much simpler if He had done everything by Himself?  […]

Healing the Deaf Mute (Mark 7: 31-37)

Healing the Deaf-Mute (Mark 7: 31-37) Illness is a good reason to see a doctor and ask for help.  Obviously, you don’t see a doctor if you show no signs of illness or weakness.  Following the same logic, many people do not feel the need to go to the altar and receive the healing medicine, […]


In my heart Shines the strength of the sun In my soul Works the power of the world.   I will breathe The strength of the sun   I will feel The warmth of the world   Sun-strength fills me World-warmth penetrates me.   –Rudolf Steiner

Filled with the Holy Spirit

“Filled with the Holy Spirit” In a recent article we looked at John the Baptist, how he appears in the prologue of the gospel of John. We observed that the Greek word that speaks of the creation of the world through the Logos is the same as the one that speaks of John’s appearance: egeneto […]


“Ioannes-John”        The first verses of the prologue of the gospel of John speak about the creation of the world through the Word: The world and all things in it came into being through the Logos, “and of all things that came into being not even one came into being without him.” Then, in […]


Midsummer Verse

Painting by Silvia Gorr St. John the Baptist (Midsummer) Thou herald spirit, by the Father’s grace Abiding witness to the Light of Lights, Look on our seeking. All we have done on earth has left its trace, And all we say sounds on for spirit ears. Help at our judging. Baptizer of the waking soul, […]