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Pencils, Paint, and Emergency Pedagogy for Ukraine Refugees

Supplied with pencils, paper, paints, and brushes, Karine Munk Finser, Director of CfA’s newly founded Kairos Institute, flew to Scandinavia in mid-March to welcome Ukrainian refugees into her parents’ empty cottage on the Danish island of Bornholm and to begin administering a program of acute healing art therapy to mothers and their young children. Those […]

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Ukraine Update 5

Here is the FIFTH UPDATE from Ukraine. Ways to Donate: Donations to support refugees and humanitarian aid in connection with the war can please be transferred to the account of the West German Region of the Christian Community with a corresponding reference in the purpose of use: Bank account holder: Die Christengemeinschaft IBAN: DE96 3702 […]

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Our Humanity

From Rev. Michael Latham, priest to the San Francisco congregation, writing from Germany: Here the war is more immediate. Not because there is more news coverage, not because there is more consciousness, not even because we are closer in distance. No, the immediacy is in meeting the “refugees”. They have names, biographies, and homes they […]

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Ukraine Update

As we watch events unfold in Ukraine, the Act of Consecration is being celebrated daily in Kyiv by their priest, Tatjana Nechytailo, in the midst of the bombing and destruction.  Updates will be posted here as they are received: Update 1 Update 2


Like Finds Like

In the best sense of the word you can say this of the Three Kings, who recognize in Jesus the highest king, even before they have found him on earth: “Where is the newborn child who is destined to be king of the Jews? We saw his star in the realms of the East and […]