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Bringing the Stars (in)to Life

    To see the stars it needs to be dark. In the long dark winter nights we have many opportunities to lift our gaze and stand in wonder at the abundance of sparkling stars. Fixed stars we call them. They are always there and can be found reliably in that higher order, and they […]

In Silence

Be still.  Listen to the stones of the wall. Be silent, they try To speak your Name. Listen To the living walls. Who are you? Who Are you? Whose Silence are you?


A Prayer for Advent

Thou mothering earth Hast received the live seed Into the dark Good shelter of soil. The mantle of night Thrown wide over us, And the sun as it goes Its swift and short journey, Speak to our hearts In warning and promise. Thou Earth hast borne up The footsteps of Mary Journeying patiently Southwards to […]

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Lord among the seven candles! Giver of the light undarkened! Helper of the souls who struggle With their passions’ bitter visage On the wide stairs of the Night— Thou who bearest from the Father Sun-Life changeful and unchanging, Healing for the spirit’s weakness When it weaves from wandering shadows Error that denies Thy Being— Christ […]

Salvation is a Two-Way Path

Salvation is a word derived from the Greek meaning “preservation”. What is it that is being preserved? When God first created the human being, He was creating the blueprint for how we fashion our bodies. Each human being was given its own copy. Before birth, we weave the body with the help of divine beings, […]


Are You a Zombie?

Movie review and Anthroposophical commentary by Arthur Hildreth Jr. The next time you are in front of the mirror take a good hard look and ask yourself, Am I a zombie? In fact, take note of your behavior in the company of others and ask again, Am I a zombie? You might also look around you and […]


Michaelmas Prayer

A meditative prayer by Adam Bittleston We need in the light of our day The eternal Light of the Word of God. When we see with our thoughts this Light On the path which leads from the cave Where thinking and seeing our shadows, Into the fields of life Into the freedom of the heart— We […]


Is Evil Necessary?

What is evil and how could it possibly be deemed “necessary”? In the beginning the Creator said, “Let us make the human being in our image and likeness”.  What does that mean, but that we too are creators? However, there is no possibility to be creative without the capacity to choose, to choose something else. […]