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The Rituals of Prayer and Meditation – Building Bridges to the Spiritual World

More and more, human beings today are asking themselves, “How can I overcome the anxiety, loneliness, and sense of meaninglessness in my life?” We find signs of this searching everywhere: in the dramatic increase of anxiety medication, in the overflow of self-help books, and in the spiritual materialism of the quick-fix “you-can-have-it-all” mentality of some […]

International News

Click on the following link to view the English-language version of the International Newsletter, produced in Germany. Please note: the document is password protected. The password is johanni. [download id=”62″]


Welcome New Priests!

The Christian Community in North American congratulates and warmly welcomes two newly ordained priests!  Ann Burfeind and Darryl Coonan were both ordained this past March in New York, and we would like to introduce you to them here.  Rev. Ann Burfeind was born in Chicago and grew up on a farm in the upper Midwest. She was a […]

Celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation

The season during which we celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation is upon us! Please join one of our communities listed below as they celebrate this special time in the lives of the young people being confirmed as well as a very significant event for the entire community.  Your participation is a gift to the youth. Philadelphia/ Devon, […]


“by Hanging Him From a Tree…”

Let us love the trees, to us the trees are good. Within their shoots of green streams God’s own living blood. Once the wood did harden, so Christ hung thereupon. To nourish us with new food eternal flow’ring was won. (Albert Steffen 1921)[i] HOLY WEEK AND TREES Trees permeate Holy Week. On Palm Sunday branches […]


Advent Poem – “Hope”

As the apple of red was tasted A veil spread across the soul’s eyes. Overcome by the sweetness The world beyond was viewed As through a cloud. More sweetness, more color craved, Until cloud so thickened Only wafting shadows were seen, Leading mind to conclude Nothing more was there.

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On Miracles and Recognizing the Saints in our Midst

The following short article was written in response to an article by Ann Marcaida, which was originally published on the website, “Gather”. Her article was titled, “Unconditional Love and a Modern-Day Saint”, and she recommended the writer and memoirist Deborah Digges for sainthood. This was written in support of her article and also originally published […]