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Words for the Newtown Tragedy

For so long humanity has used the sun to guide its way on long journeys. And as striving Christians we too are on a long journey. And on this journey, we are called to put our faith in the sun of what is truly human, to guide our way. But as everyone knows, the sun […]


Light on the Path to the Center

Thoughts on the words from the Act of Consecration of Man, “Christ‘s light in our daylight” As far as we know there has always been the perception of light. Since ancient times, light has always been connected with the Divine. The perception of light, of the Divine, is like a golden thread weaving through the […]


Winter Conferences

Columbia and Her Country Working with the Spirit of the United States of America: A Conference for Young Adults January 2-5, 2013, Spring Valley, New York   In today’s political climate, some are inflamed with political fervor, and others have completely turned away. Is it possible to move beyond political debate to have a conversation that […]


On Preparing for the Light in Advent

The tender quiet of Advent and childlike bliss of Christmas are gifts of grace which are granted our age ever more rarely. Life has become too noisy and hectic, fate too harsh and dramatic. Yet, the secret of Advent’s quiet can be compared with the sensibility of a woman about to become a mother. The […]

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Celebrating Advent with Children

Advent is a blessed and magical time of year and children experience this deeply. Building a family ritual around Advent helps to slow down our busy lives, bring a special moment into the day, and prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.   Each night of Advent, families can gather around […]


Still Sparkling: Report on the “Living Gold” Conference

The “Living Gold” conference for congregations and  priests from North and South America took place on Vancouver Island, July 21-29, 2012. The final number of participants was 196, which included fifteen priests, ten children and five Camphill companions. From Canada there were 75 (some only part-time), 53 from the USA, 32 from South America, and […]


Christ and the Corporate Being

When Jesus went down to the river that day He was baptized in the usual way. And when it was done, God blessed his Son, He sent him his love, On the wings of a dove. (Gospel Hymn) One of the great moments in the Gospels comes at the beginning of Christ’s ministry, immediately after […]