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For the Advancement of the World 1: Michael’s Call1

Our title has been taken from what even in The Christian Community we call “The Creed”, although we don’t use this specific word to introduce contents in which we would “believe” in the old-fashioned sense, the word “credo” (“I believe”) lacking at the very beginning. What we find in this modern version of the Christian […]

Apocalypse (5) Human Evolution in the Apocalypse of John1

“We shall now survey the Apocalypse in an endeavor to see what it has to say concerning mankind’s Christian progress” (writes Rudolf Frieling). “This continually changes the scene of its realization between earth and heaven. Christianity – on the one side embodied on earth, on the other existing in heaven – increasingly develops into an […]

First Passiontide Sunday, 2007

March 11, 2007 Last week, with its many clear nights, those of us who were up early could experience an amazingly seamless transition: the light of the moon, which day by day became smaller and smaller, fading away in the growing light of the sun. In this way, just before the beginning of Passiontide, four […]

A Peek Inside the Beehive; An Update From the Future Initiatives Group

The Future Initiatives Group has been a beehive of activity throughout 2010. The current members, Ann Elizabeth Barnes, Fiona Gold, Cindy Hindes, Carol Kelly, Patrick Kennedy, and Oliver Steinrueck, were joined by two new members, Anna Claire Novotny (Spring Valley) and Eileen King (Washington DC), who has agreed to join us at our next meeting. […]

The Eucharist

First published as The Metamorphosis of the Eucharist by The Christian Community in New York in about 1954. This edition, revised by James H. Hindes, published by Floris Books in 1995. All rights reserved. NOTE: This is the complete pamphlet. Contents 1. Introduction 2. The New Testament 3. Early Christian services 4. Archetypal structure 5. […]

The Essence of Christianity

Chapters: 1. The Riddle of Man’s Being 2. The Creation of Man 3. The Loss of Paradise 4. A Godless World 5. When the Time Had Fully Come 6. The Son of God and the Son of Man 7. The Mystery of the Powerless God 8. The Healing Power of the Christ 9. Christendom 10. […]

Baptism in The Christian Community

Translated by Eva Heirman. First published in 1982 in Dutch under the title Noem mij bij mijn diepste noam. Doop en geboorte in de Christen gemeenschap by Uitgeverij Christofoor, Zeist. in 1982. First published in English by Floris Books in 1985. © Andreas Stichting, Den Haag 1982. This translation © Floris Books. Edinburgh, 1985. NOTE: […]


Ninetta Sombart: Life and Art, Volker Harlan The Isenheim Altar: Suffering and Salvation in the Art of Gruenewald, Gottfried Richter Art and Human Consciousness, Gottfried Richter

Life Issues

Crisis Points: Working Through Personal Problems, Julian Sleigh Friends and Lovers: Working Through Relationships, Julian Sleigh Learning to Experience the Etheric World: Empathy, the After-Image and a New Social Ethic, Baruch Luke Urieli Male and Female: Developing Human Empathy, Baruch Luke Urieli Human Needs and Cosmic Answers: The Spirit of the Circling Stars, Adam Bittleston […]