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Salvation is a Two-Way Path

Salvation is a word derived from the Greek meaning “preservation”. What is it that is being preserved? When God first created the human being, He was creating the blueprint for […]


Are You a Zombie?

Movie review and Anthroposophical commentary by Arthur Hildreth Jr. The next time you are in front of the mirror take a good hard look and ask yourself, Am I a zombie? In […]


A Michaelmas Sermon

A sermon given after the gospel reading from Matthew 22: The Parable of the Wedding Feast. We often speak of Knighthood in the time of Michaelmas, as in the song: “Let me […]


New Legacy Giving Coordinator Hired

The Christian Community in North American would like to welcome Mary Hirsch as our first Legacy Giving Coordinator. Ms. Hirsch has been hired by The Region to assist our individual communities in the […]



Upon fields and orchards Growing towards harvest there look with blessing The spirits of heaven; And their gaze searches  Men’s hearts for ripening. In the close weaving Of manifold fates