Midsummer Verse

Painting by Silvia Gorr

St. John the Baptist

Thou herald spirit, by the Father’s grace
Abiding witness to the Light of Lights,
Look on our seeking.

All we have done on earth has left its trace,
And all we say sounds on for spirit ears.
Help at our judging.

Baptizer of the waking soul, lead out
Our lives from barren conflict in the dark
Into Christ’s presence.

Let sound the music of thy faithful heart,
Prophet of days to come, for brother men,
Unto Christ’s glory.

–Adam Bittleston



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100 Years of The Christian Community: Worldwide Festival in Dortmund, Oct 7-11 2022

Dear Members & Friends of the Christian Community,

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The Light in Every Thing: Called to Account by the Spirit


Revs. Patrick Kennedy and Jonah Evans have made their podcast episode on George Floyd’s murder and the life with the Holy Spirit accessible to the public. You may listen to it by clicking here.

The America Verse

The America Verse

May our feeling penetrate
Into the center of our heart,
And seek, in love, to unite itself
With the human beings seeking the same goal,
With the spirit beings who, bearing grace,
Strengthening us from realms of light
And illuminating our love,
Are gazing down upon
Our earnest, heart-felt striving.

–Translation by Frederick Heckel

The United States of America received a great gift from Rudolf Steiner in 1923: the so called “America Verse” given for the Foundation of the Threefold Group which was transmitted by a Swiss messenger directly from Rudolf Steiner to Ralph Courtney. Ralph Courtney met Rudolf Steiner in Paris in 1906 and later became a strong voice internationally for the Threefold Social Order. This verse was translated into English by Frederick Heckel, a long-time editor of the Society’s Newsletter.

Today many people work with this Verse privately and in groups and branches of the Anthroposophical Society in America. I would like to suggest that members and friends who are concerned about the destiny of America at this time, direct the thoughts which are within this Verse especially to the beings of the Third Hierarchy who may then be able to form this meditative effort into a positive direction. This Verse is actually both a meditation and a prayer.

–Excerpt from a letter from Virginia Sease to the members of the Anthroposophical Society of America dated February 24, 2020