North American Summer Newsletter

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Job Opening

Legacy Giving Coordinator

Position Summary:

The person filling this new position of Legacy Giving Coordinator is accountable to the Regional Board of North America and provides guidance and support to the individual congregations as they work to create and build an active Legacy Giving Program in a way that is congruent with the specific interests and fundraising maturity of each congregation.

The Legacy Giving Coordinator will work with the congregations to find the resources they may require to develop their Legacy Giving Programs. To these ends, the Legacy Giving Coordinator will work closely with congregational liaisons and serve as a catalyst for conversation with and within our congregations.

The short and long term goals of the Legacy Giving Coordinator are to facilitate, encourage, guide, service, and support not less than six congregations in North America as they create, launch, develop, and build active an Legacy Giving Program in their communities over the next three years. There will be objective measurements provided to gauge the success of both this position and program on an annual basis. Read more

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International Newsletter, spring 2013

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New Book by Seminary Director Bastiaan Baan

Lord of the Elements

Interweaving Christianity and Nature

Lord of the Elements cover

The four classical elements of earth, water, air and fire are present in Genesis and the New Testament. But while traditional Christianity moved away from seeing the spiritual in nature, other streams of thought — such as Celtic Christianity, the School of Chartres, medieval mystics like Hildegard von Bingen and the alchemical search for the philosopher’s stone — continued to emphasize the importance of the elements. In this unique book, Bastiaan Baan, an experienced spiritual thinker, brings these elements together with ideas from Anthroposophy. He considers in particular how elemental beings — nature spirits — relate to the four elements, and explores the role of elemental beings in our world. This is a fascinating and original work on the connections between Christianity and the natural world.

The book is available from Floris Books at www.florisbooks.co.uk  Read more


Impossible?!? The Winter Youth Conference 2013

During the festival of Epiphawash mon from linc monny, we speak of the star that guided the kings as it was entering into the earthly sphere to take on a sunlike presence on earth, to guide humanity to renewal and healing. We can also call that star the incarnation of the Christ into humanity.

Spending a few days twice a year with a small group of teenagers at one of our youth conferences, it is possible to perceive the drama of this incarnation, the utter necessity and longing which the human being perceives in the soul to find that star—and a longing to summon the courage to align oneself with this true guiding star of one’s life—a great challenge, particularly amidst all the bright twinkling lights which shine along our way… We can be left asking: but which one is the right one?

Our theme each year at the Winter Conference, now fairly well anchored on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday weekend, always has to do with looking at how Dr. King followed the star that he perceived…and how it led him to great sacrifices for the healing of a broken humanity.

We also asked a question this year in our title for the conference: Impossible?!? What is it that makes something impossible possible? How do we overcome the obstacles of our lives to be able to do that which we are called to do, to become that which we are called to become? Read more


The Seminary Fall Newsletter 2012

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Upcoming Retreat in Pennsylvania

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

February 8 – 10, 2013
Tenemos Retreat Center, 1564 Telegraph Road (Rt. 162) West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382

And Jesus said unto them: I am the bread of life. He who comes to me shall never hunger and he who trusts in me shall never thirst… John 6:35 One of the basic, daily tasks we all face is finding and taking in nourishment. Eating and drinking belong to the core rhythms of our day. Yet sometimes, we reach the end of our day and find that, despite being well-fed, we are living with a much deeper hunger that has not been fulfilled. This awakens in us, the question: What is the daily bread of which the “Our Father” speaks? All over the world, many are awakening to the question: What is it that truly nourishes us? The question will live at the center of our retreat community for this year.

Helping to facilitate our work together at the Retreat will be:  Rev. Marcus Knausenberger, Rev. Nora Minassian, Rev. Peter Skaller and Gillian Schoemaker, Eurythmy

The cost for the weekend is $240 (including meals). For a single room, the cost is $270.00. The deadline for registration is February 4th. Those who register before January 18th will receive a discounted rate of $230.

For registration information and the schedule click on this flyer link:  [download id=”75″]

For information about the retreat center, visit, http://www.temenosretreat.org/


Perspectives Journal

Perspectives is the journal of The Christian Community in English. Published quarterly in the UK, Perspectives contains articles on religious and theological themes as well as news about Christian Community events. The first issue of the year in December also contains a listing of the Gospel readings for the coming year.

Recent issues have included articles on Crisis and Transformation,The Re-enlivening of the Dying Earth and The Mysteries of the Heart.

The theme of the current issue (Dec. 2012) is “Heavenly Hierarchies”. This issue includes an article written by Cynthia Hindes, priest in Los Angelas, entitled, “Guardian Angels”.  Read Rev. Hindes article here in our blog.

To subscribe (and living in the USA), send a check for $26, payable to The Christian Community San Francisco, to c/0 The Christian Community, 906 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94115.

If a resident of Canada, send a check for $28 made out to Dean Rachel to c/o Dean Rachel, 5279 Oak Place, Delta BC V4K 1L8, Canada

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Words for the Newtown Tragedy

For so long humanity has used the sun to guide its way on long journeys. And as striving Christians we too are on a long journey. And on this journey, we are called to put our faith in the sun of what is truly human, to guide our way.

But as everyone knows, the sun sets. Its light goes dark. The tragic events at the elementary school in Connecticut are a picture of the sunlight of our humanity growing dark.

And what can one say in the face of such darkness; such a tragedy? Political debates and discussions about independence and freedom seem out of place and opportunistic. Psychological analysis feels lacking. Even philosophizing about God and the problem of evil seems to take us away from bearing the pain, simply feeling the sadness of the tragedy. Sometimes things happen where silent prayer is the only response.

And even still…. it is true that we are in a battle. Our battle, however, is not with human beings but with spiritual beings and forces that do not believe in the human being. Forces and spiritual beings that work in us, that work in the world that want the sun of our humanity to grow dark.

And so we must fight. But not with aggression and outer weapons, our weapons must be weapons of the active human spirit. We fight with our capacity to endure: courageously enduring together the darkness when it comes. We fight with the weapon of trust; deep trust and understanding that the sun of our humanity is still there even at night, even when the lights go out. And if we have the eyes to see, there were also powerful deeds of sacrifice and love at Sandy Hook. The sun was still there even in the dark.

In this way, we join the ranks of those spiritual beings that do believe in what is human; those spiritual beings that would seek with HIS strength and HIS love to lead us more and more to what we can become.

Rev. Jonah Evans


The Future Initiatives Group 3-Year Report

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