Working With the Angels

Our guardian angel is the musical director in our lives. Together with our angel we have decided what our life, our piece of music shall be—a light-hearted piece? A grand tragic symphony? A simple folk melody? Our angel sees to it that the events, the people we are to meet, the instruments so to speak that we need to make our music are presented at the proper time.

But our angel and the spiritual world have given all of us a particularly precious and important gift—our freedom. Nothing is determined. Opportunities are presented to us. The angels gently suggest through inspirations, thoughts, atmospheres, will impulses. But whether or not we respond, or not, and how we respond, is entirely up to us. How we play our life’s music is our choice.

To the guardian angels themselves, this connection with the human realm is not a matter of indifference. For the angels have bound their destiny to ours. They have existentially connected themselves to us. They not only walk with us; they have connected themselves with our thoughts, our feelings, our will, at great danger and possibly great pain to themselves. They have devoted their being to ours. Our destiny is their destiny. Human truth, beauty and goodness, as well as human passion and darkness reaches up into the spiritual world through our angel.

An Angel Speaks
Christian Morgenstern

O if you knew how your countenance
is changed, when in the midst
of that pure gaze which can unite you with me
Your hold upon yourself is lost
And you turn away.

Just as a landscape in clear light
May suddenly cloud over, do you close
Yourself against me, and I have to wait
And wait in silence, often long.
And if I were like you a human being
The pain of disdained love would kill me.

But since the Father has given me unending patience
I wait for you unshaken
and expectant, whenever it may be you come.
And even this gentle reproach
Take not as reproach—only as a pure message.

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