Working With the Angels

How can we strengthen our connection with our own angel? How can we work in community with our angel? Every quieting of feelings of irritation or anger or envy, creates space for our angel’s clarity of conscious and overview to enter our souls. Everything done in tranquil prayer or meditation, all religious practice, contributes to this. Our angels are particularly connected to us in the sacraments. We will say more about that aspect later.

Our angels are particularly interested in our thoughts, in what we are able to generate voluntarily as thoughts. Following the 8-fold path that Buddha laid out—right thought, right resolves, right actions etc. requires that we give thought to our lives. The eightfold path is an exercise in thinking, in walking with our angel, a way of ‘directing our steps in the dance angelwards’.


The next choir of angelic beings is the archangels. They work more deeply out of the space of eternity. Their wings are broader, their eyes, their consciousness more penetrating. They are like a teacher who works with a group of children for many years until he/she becomes deeply heart-connected with each one of them and they with the teacher. Under the archangel’s wings are a whole people, nation or folk. The archangel receives souls conceived into a people and permeates them so that they become Russian, or American, or Japanese. They do so primarily through the particular language. They are the inspiring geniuses of the languages, the structure, the sound, the pictures and phrases and sayings, the feeling tone. In ancient times, Archangelic inspiration in song and poetry works to form the souls of a people in a language group, just as adult language and speech works to form the child in its development. Archangels inspire language in order to give the possibility of developing particular special faculties within the souls embedded in the language group. Archangels work in the soul landscape of groups of people in which individuals shine like centers. Speech is the connector, the bridge between people. Speech is the archangelic atmosphere, the archangelic ocean in which we swim.

There are three forces that work in any nation or peoples

  • archangelic inspiration
  • opposing forces, which attempt to eradicate what the archangel, brings.
  • individual human beings with their own weaknesses and their own destinies.

As a result of these three forces there is a wrestling over the proper progress and evolution of the individual’s and the folk destiny. In ancient times, the archangel could inspire, and work through kings and statesmen. The king was the carrier of archangelic consciousness. Now the archangel must find others, the artists, the poets, the thinkers, to be the carriers of their inspirations. We need to become more conscious about how this folk destiny will be decided. We need to become more conscious of how our own destinies work in consonance or in opposition to the archangel of our country. We need to become more aware of what our archangel wishes to bring, more aware of what the opposing forces are doing to thwart that.

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