Working With the Angels

The archangels are greatly concerned with the current growth of the forces of darkness. They are looking for possibilities to expand and strengthen their connection with human beings. They need

  • our spiritual knowledge
  • the effectiveness of a cultus that awakens spirit consciousness
  • the initiative of single individuals who begin to understand.

How do we strengthen our relationship with the archangel? One way is through the proper use of language. That we begin to use words thoughtfully, creatively; that we use words not to wound, but in such a way that truth and selfless spiritual meaning shine through them.

We strengthen our relationship with the archangel when we develop in ourselves the kingly graces that Shakespeare, that master of the English language, mentions in Macbeth: justice, truthfulness, temperance; stableness, bounty, perseverance; mercy, humility, devotion; patience, courage, fortitude.

Primal Powers—Archai

Our guardian angel watches over our uniquely irreplaceable selves, they are particularly interested in our thoughts; the archangels integrate us into a nation and people through the feeling tone of language; the Primal Powers or Archai are the highest members of the third hierarchy of angels. They weave and coordinate the various peoples and nations into a whole. They work to make us into human beings, a part of the human race

The Primal Powers are responsible for the great rhythms of human history, the time periods of the great cultural epochs. A single human life unfolds in seven year rhythms: at seven, the change of teeth; at fourteen puberty; at 21 we receive our majority (our ego takes hold); at 28 there is an experience of loneliness; at 33-35 an encounter with death experiences. In like manner mankind as a whole undergoes a rhythmic development—the great cultural epochs. The Primal Powers are the conductors of the heavenly orchestration of those greater time periods. So it is the Archai who stand behind the rhythmic unfolding of the great cultural epochs, ancient India, ancient Persia, Graeco- Roman, etc. in which human capacities are developed for all of mankind. Each of these great epochs lasts approximately 2100 years.

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