Working With the Angels

Furthermore, within these larger cultural rhythms there is a smaller rhythm of about 350 years in which one of seven archangels is asked to be something like a soloist in the orchestration of the symphony of mankind. Just as a soloist in an orchestra sets the tone and color and voice for the rest of the instruments, so too does each of the seven archangels offer a different specific quality to the human orchestra. In the 1400’s Gabriel, the archangel of birth and incarnation, began leading mankind fully into earth circumstances. The result was the full blossoming of science, of world discovery, business, industry, and technology. Mankind conquered the earthly spheres, and rightly so.

In the late 1800’s the archangel Michael took over for the period we are currently in. He brings a totally different character and mood. Gabriel’s emphasis was on the birth portal, the incarnational portal of earthly life. Michael leads us to the other portal of earthly life, the portal of death. There we experience him as the spiritual leader of mankind back into the spiritual world.

The ball that was set in motion by Gabriel continues to roll; we continue to be interested in the earthly. But what is good in one time eventually becomes over-ripe, and then it can fall into the hands of evil adversaries when its proper time is past. Michael wrests us out of a too strong or one-sided connection with the earth. Becoming fully earthly was a necessary stage in humankind’s development; but a stage to pass through, not a goal. All the human initiative and strength and activity that went into conquering the outer world should now go toward the spiritual, so that we become explorers, discovers, masters in the spiritual sphere. And we see that happening—the rise in interest in the angelic world, in hospicing of the dying, in near death experiences, the rise in interest in spirituality altogether. Human beings are now seeking spiritual experience. Things, ways of thinking, institutions that do not serve this current human task can be taken possession of by the adversary forces. Therefore, outmoded ways of thinking, outmoded institutions need to be dismantled to prevent them from falling prey to the adversary and destroying mankind.

Michael, like all the angelic beings, respects our freedom. So he uses crises, blows of destiny, shocks, in order to awaken us to our true contemporary calling. These crises are initiated by the angelic world, not against us, but against the adversarial forces that would chain us in slavery to the earthly, now that the earthly is no longer our primary task.

The guardian angel is interested in what the human being thinks; the archangels concern themselves with soul capacities. The Archai themselves are fiery spirits, enkindling and purifying love; they live in glowing enthusiasm for the awakening of human beings into free understanding and free action. The Archai are intensely interested in what the human being does, in human work. They are interested in what significance our work has for wider circles of people and for nature. In the end, everything we do has such a significance. When human beings consecrate their work as service to divine beings, (not to the adversaries) then it is acceptable to the Archai.

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