Working With the Angels

There is a heavenly altar and a heavenly cultus that is always going on. The Christ Lamb, appearing amidst the seven lights, is continuously making His offering. He holds the stars of the angels of the communities in his right hand. From the being of Christ issues forth a continuous and everlasting stream of love, of devotion, of grace out into the world. This is His offering. Each of the hierarchies continuously makes their own offering of love and devotion that streams upward to join with those beings above them toward the Lamb. Multitudes of human beings in white robes also participate.

The earthly divine service is an image and imprint of the heavenly. The heavenly offering service plays out on the earth when human beings open themselves to it. This is what the angels are working toward—the weaving together of what streams forth from the Christ Lamb’s offering, to weave it into the future of humankind. The angelic world created the heavenly cultus. The Act of Consecration of Man is an image of it; a vessel that human beings can dip into and draw out spiritual substance that can flow into the earthly.

The guardian angels of individual destinies draw closer during the Act of Consecration of Man because they are particularly interested in those moments of quiet prayer, of thoughtful contemplation, esp. within the divine service. The result is that during the Act of Consecration of Man, human beings are strengthened by the approach of their angel. And the individual’s guardian angel itself becomes stronger, more radiant through what lives in the human being during the sacrament.

The Angel of the Community

There are also angels who have grown into the larger task of being responsible not only for individuals, but also for groups of people who come together, not out of national or family connections, but simply because they voluntarily want to. They are the angels of the communities.

These angels are a little higher, a little closer to the working of Christ. They live in the Act of Consecration of Man and the sacraments and strengthen them. They lead hearts and thoughts to a higher unity, to something that can be more powerful than what any individual can generate, something wherein the sum is greater than the parts.

As individuals we can open not only to our own guardian angel, but also to the angel of the community.

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